Mina Glogovac :: BLOOMING

Mina Glogovac approach is special - not the multitude of flowers, its rather the detail she is developing to a monumental scale, a process characteristic to her painting practice. Is this a hyperrealism we are talking about? The answer might be both yes and no. To her, a flower is not just an object serving the purpose of proclaiming its own beauty and purity of nature, but an object trought which an inner universe, quite oversizing its physical dimensions, is contemplated. The beauty reflecting from Minas canvases is based on the frentic phenomena of color.

Somewhere the detail is being multiplicated, but only in the context of the general impression of the pieces. Diptych and triptych are there to add to the dominance and volume of the paintings. A flower as the subject is not a taming frame of Minas work, it is a mere confirmation of her wide interest in new destinations of contemporary art.

Jelena Mitrovic
Art historian