The exhibition “Another Perspective” explores how perspective includes and interprets truth and illusion, originating from the artist herself as well as from the observer. The exhibition challenges the audience to be adventurous and thoughtful at the same time, to explore the depths of what is shown but also their own depths, and to allow interaction between the exhibited works and observers themselves. By transforming a three-dimensional space onto a two-dimensional surface, Mina shows her need to represent realistic impressions of the complex world that surrounds us in a reduced way, purified from forms. The artist observed her achievements over the years through the prism of academism and the roles that she inevitably adopts through life and work, and that is the reason why Mina points to a much needed second perspective of seeing reality while simultaneously focusing on the present moment. The artworks convey the well-known feeling of calmness, as if something is about to happen or something has already happened, and at the same time reflect the unpredictable power of nature. Mina’s works carry with them a strong presence, and often evoke a deep emotional response in the observer.

Marija Milosevic,
Art for All Gallery