MINA GLOGOVAC was born in Belgrade in 1970. Graduated from the faculty of Applied Art, Department of Apllied Painting, University of Arts in Belgrade in 1993, took her M.A. degree in 2003. After graduating, she spent two years specializing in Florence, Italy, where she took part in the realization of several monumental murals in public spaces.

Started teaching at the Faculty of Applied Art in 1995 where she now holds the position of assistant professor for the subject of painting techniques. Has been a member of ULUS (The Serbian fine Arts Association) since 1995; exhibited at significant group exhibitations at home and abroad; individually realized numerous decoration projects of representative public buildings (mosaic, stained glass, monumental paintings). The focus of her work, whether it deals with applied or fine art, is based on the active combination of the experiance of existing architectural semantics of public space and desired utopian models of an imaginary architecture.

Contact: +381 63 361 193

All exhibited works are executed in acrylic on canvas technique, 150x110cm (two diptychs 300x110cm).